MINT, Triple-Wrap, Silicone Bracelet w/ Magnet-Clasp

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WHAT IS PYRKIA?ÊPYRKIA(pronounced pir-k€Ò-ƒª) is all-activity, all-weather, waterproof, medical-grade silicone jewelry.

WHAT MAKES PYRKIA BRACELETS UNIQUE? PyrkiÌ_'s unique, triple-wrap bracelets clasp easily with twelve tiny-but-strong embedded earth magnets. Two safety bands are included with each bracelet to keep it safely in place during the most rigorous activity.ÊÊ

FINDING THE BEST SIZE FOR YOU. ÊTo be sure you are ordering the correct size, take a ribbon or string and wrap it around your wrist. ÊMeasure the ribbon/string on a ruler and order the size closest to that measurement. ÊEven a half of an inch will make a difference in which size will be the best fit for you, so be sure to measure. Ê

HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ENJOY YOUR PYRKIA BRACELET? Yoga, running, biking, CrossFit, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, surfing, sailing, paddle boardingÛ_ the list is endless. And for those of us who have to sneak some work in between all that fun, PYRKIAbraceletsÊare a perfect fit for any field! Health and medical, law enforcement, construction, military, installation and repair, science, or the arts.

LIFE CAN GET MESSY. So can your PYRKIAbraceletÊÛÒ but they clean up easily with a little soap and water. Now don۪t you wish everything in life was that simple?

CAN'T WE ALL USE A LITTLE MORE COMFORT IN OUR LIFE? Your unique braceletÊwill add comfort to your style (and a little style to your comfort). You'll barely feel that it's on!Ê

ANY WAY YOU STACK IT, IT'S SURE TO ADD STYLE! ÊThis specialized bracelet is made to look fantastic on its own, but for added style here are some additional ways to stack it:

  • try it with another PYRKIAbracelet
  • put it next to an activity tracker (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.)
  • pair it with a smart watch (Apple Watch, etc.)
  • load it up with any of your favorite bracelets or other jewelry

We took this definition to heart when we adopted the phrase ÛÏStrive for Progress Not Perfection۝ as our company motto. This motto is inscribed on the inside of every PYRKIAbracelet.

A wide selection available for men, women, boys and girls!

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